Nov 20 2015

The .NET Developer's Guide to Package Managers

NuGet burst onto the .NET developer scene in 2010 and took Visual Studio development by storm.  We .NET developers were able to easily add key Microsoft dependencies like Entity Framework, ASP.NET Web API, or client-side libraries like jQuery and bootstrap.
Nov 13 2015

Distributed Source Control and Social Coding with Git

Chris, Todd, and Jess chat about distributed source control with Git - why Git was created, what problems it solves, and how you get can get up and running with it right away.
Oct 22 2015

Null: The Billion Dollar Mistake

If you've done any .NET development at all, you've undoubtedly experience the dreaded NullReferenceException. In Java, it's the NullPointException. No matter what you call it, interacting with a null reference in any language can spell disaster for your application. Join Jess, Chris, and Todd as they chat about null values, some of the ways that they deal with them in their own applications, and how they've come to live relatively peacefully in a world full of nulls.
Oct 14 2015

Developers Guide to Consulting

So you want to be a software development consultant? Or, are you just trying to figure out what it means when people say "1099" and "Corp-to-Corp"?
Sep 29 2015

SPA Development Tools

In this episode, Todd, Chris, and Jess discuss the various tools that they use for building Single-Page Applications, and client-side web applications in general.
Sep 22 2015

SPA Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

Todd, Chris, and Jess talk about their real-world experience and reveal their tips, tricks, and best practices for building rich client-side applications on the web.
Sep 15 2015

The Wonderful World of SPA

Chris, Todd, and Jess chat about the various aspects of building immersive and interactive client-side experiences in the browser today.
Sep 8 2015

JavaScript is Awesome... JavaScript is Evil

Join Jess, Todd, and Chris as they talk about the world of JavaScript - how it's great and horrible all at the same time!
Sep 1 2015

ASP.NET 5 is Coming!

Join Jess and Todd as they talk about the latest release of the ASP.NET framework and what you need to know in order to be ready for it.

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