May 12 2016

Code Sprawl with Matt Hornsby

Chris, Todd, and Jess welcome their guest Matt Hornsby to discuss a concept he calls "Code Sprawl" to describe the evolution and decay of software systems over time.  Relating the growth and aging of a software project to the growth and decay of urban areas, he draws parallels to identify what goes wrong.  He also presents hope that we can learn from urban renewal as well.
May 3 2016

WCF vs. Web API

Microsoft offers two frameworks that both allow you to create fully-functional web services and HTTP-based "web APIs". Which one should you choose?
Apr 25 2016

The Best C# 6 Features

Chris, Todd, and Jess discuss the cool new features available in C# 6. Some will save you keystrokes, some may save you bugs, and some... well, some you may never actually use (but why not find out about them anyway?).
Apr 18 2016

BUILD 2016 Response Show

In this episode, Jess, Chris, and Todd share their thoughts on the announcements and presentations that happened at Microsoft's BUILD 2016 developer conference.
Mar 15 2016

Automated Testing for Developers

In this episode, Todd, Jess, and Chris chat about automating developer testing. Some call it "TDD", some call it "BDD", but we just call it a good topic for a show! Join us as we talk about our varying experiences with creating, modifying, getting rid of, or even completely avoiding automated unit tests and how it's affected us.
Jan 27 2016

.NET Core and ASP.NET Core 1.0

Join Todd, Chris, and Jess as they wade through the waters of the "new" (but not really new) Microsoft frameworks, .NET Core 1.0 and ASP.NET Core 1.0. What were the motivations for the name change? Was it a good move? What the heck is .NET Core and ASP.NET Core, anyway?
Dec 23 2015

War Stories

In this episode, Todd, Chris, and Jess embrace the holiday spirit and share the stories that have molded them into the hardened code slingers they are today. Did Chris actually meet the real, live Batman while on a job in the middle of the night in Disneyland? Will Jess ever actually get fired - or even scolded - for deleting production databases and bringing production websites to a grinding halt? Why does Todd carry around 4 laptop power adapters to this day? Listen to our stories and decide for yourself.
Dec 12 2015

Specialist vs. Generalist: Which are you?

In this episode, Jess, Chris, and Todd try to figure out what it means to be a specialist vs. a generalist in software development. Does being a generalist help you be a better specialist... or vice-versa? Can you even be one without the other? Join us as we try (and fail?) to answer these questions and manage to get an episode under one hour long.
Dec 3 2015

TypeScript: JavaScript Evolved or Devolved?

It's TypeScript battle royale style as Jess, Chris and Todd discuss the emergence of TypeScript, ECMAScript 6 and the growth of JavaScript transpilers. Hear Jess promote the benefits of TypeScript for improving the quality of JavaScript and developer productivity. Meanwhile, Chris and Todd take on the competing argument that TypeScript is just syntactic sugar and that add classes and types on top of pure JavaScript can end up being a leaky abstraction that does more harm than good.
Nov 27 2015

Connect(); Response Show

In this episode Jess, Chris and Todd discuss the big announcements from the Microsoft Connect(); conference on November 18 and 19. Hear their thoughts and reactions to the changes in Visual Studio 2015, the beta release of Visual Studio Code, the announcement of Visual Studio Dev Essentials, the RC release of ASP.NET 5 and all the new exciting things coming down the pike for Azure and the rest of the Microsoft Server Stack.

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