Mar 14 2018

Messaging in Distributed Systems - What's the Deal?

Chris, Jess, and Todd chat about enterprise messaging patterns. Is it a good practice to put a message bus or a queue in between your web server and your middle tier services? Can message buses be overkill? What's the best way for your loosely-coupled containerized services to communicate with one another? Did Todd actually say that there's some benefits to building a monolith?
Feb 28 2018

Going beyond NuGet.org by creating your own packages

Jess and Chris chat about not just using NuGet to download Microsoft's and other Open Source libraries from NuGet.org, but creating your own custom NuGet packages to help version and distribute your own components, without ever leaving your firewall!
Dec 21 2017

Real-World Git

Todd, Chris, and Jess chat about using Git in their day-to-day lives. Jess thinks it's the best thing since the CPU, but Todd thinks it's just the shiny new toy that's no better than TFS. Meanwhile, Chris thinks that GitFlow is the most overly-complicated process he's ever seen. What do you think?
Oct 6 2017

Developer Productivity: TechBash 2017 Conference Panel

What's the best way for a developer to provide true "value"?
Aug 14 2017

Real-World DevOps with Andy Schwam

What does "DevOps" really mean when you're not up on stage demoing the latest DevOps product or working at Netflix, Etsy, or Facebook?  To find out, we ask Andy Schwam (@schwammy), a development manager, architect, and coder who has lived and breathed the concepts of "DevOps" in the real world... and lived to tell about it.
Aug 3 2017

Introducing Razor Pages

Razor Pages is a brand new feature in .NET Core 2.0 that brings the Page Model back into .NET Core, providing developers a simple, effective, and above all, easy way to create dynamic web pages without having to get into the details of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach.
Jun 19 2017

.NET Core 2.0: Is it ready?

In anticipation of the up-coming .NET Core 2.0 release (and the preview currently available), Todd, Jess, and Chris offer their answers to some of the frequently asked questions around .NET Core, such as:
Jan 25 2017

The Twelve-Factor App: How to build modern, cloud-ready web applications

Join Jess, Todd, and Chris as they discuss "The Twelve-Factor App": a set of patterns and practices that are crucial to building modern, scalable, and "cloud-ready" applications.
Nov 28 2016

Visual Studio Code vs. Visual Studio "Classic" -- what's an IDE, anyway?

In this episode, Chris, Todd, and Jess discuss how awesome Visual Studio Code is while Todd defends the relevance of the full-blown Visual Studio "Classic Cadillac" IDE. What's the difference between an "IDE" and the new breed of powerful and extensible "text editors" such as Notepad++, Sublime Text, and now Visual Studio Code. Oh yeah, and Jess gets yet another reason to talk about how great TypeScript is, too.
Aug 23 2016

.NET Core RTM - Real World "File > New Project"

Several episodes in to the ".NET Core RTM" series, Jess, Todd, and Chris finally get down to the specifics of how to use .NET Core. Starting with File > New Project all the way down to View Components, they talk about what it's like to actually use ASP.NET Core to develop real web applications.

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